Parish of St Thomas of Canterbury Fairford, with St Mary's Cricklade

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Privacy policy

We do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Purpose of collecting data

Data is collected solely for statistical purposes about usage of this website. We use Google Analyticsto count how many people visit St Michael’s Catholic Church website and which pages are viewed. The only reason we collect any data is so that we can determine how the site is used, and thence to focus development effort to improve the site.

The data being collected

The collected data comprises:
• The web pages viewed and the duration of visits, (for example: Sacraments :10 seconds   St Mary’s Cricklade: 12 seconds,
• The type of internet browser that is being used, (for example: Internet Explorer v8, Firefox v3.6),
• The screen resolution, (for example: 1024*768 pixels),
• The PC’s operating system, (for example Microsoft XP, Vista, 7 etc),
• How this site was reached, (for example, via a search engine, such as: Google, Yahoo, etc, or directly inputted into the web browser).
The above data is typically collected by website owners and is common industry practice.

How the data is collected

The data is collected automatically using a small text file called a cookie, which is stored on the PC. It is important to note that this cookie is not the type called a ‘tracking cookie’ or a ‘third-party cookie’ which permits information to be acquired about visits from one website to another and are commonly used for advertising purposes. For more information about cookies, click on: Wikipedia - cookie control

How collected information is used

Google Analytics is a freely available system that aggregates data into a presentable form. From this we can see which pages are frequently used and which are never used and which are viewed for some time. A secondary usage of the cookie is for the benefit of the user as it contains the web font-size most recently used, so that on the next usage, the site will re-commence with that size, ie, the AAA.

Sample data

If you would like to see the data being collected, please contact the Webmaster via the Contact us page and we'll send you a sample.

Cookie control

Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc), permit you to control whether cookies are to be stored, the types of cookies, their duration etc.

If you find anything on the website that you find offensive or you think needs changing, please let us know immediately.

Last updated: 19th July 2010